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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tuesday Spotlight of A Good Day to Read

Today's spotlight is for A Good Day To Read. Cheryl Christensen is the author of this fabulous blog.  I am also lucky enough to know Cheryl personally. We grew up in the same small town in Utah. We are a few years apart in age so we didn't run in the same circles (no I won't say who is older either). We met up recently on Facebook and started getting acquainted through her blog. I absolutely love her blog (and Cheryl too)! The title of her blog says it all - A Good Day To Read! Cheryl has been known to remind us that EVERY DAY is A Good Day To Read! And yes it is!
I love to read her book reviews and you can look them up here. I have read books I wouldn't have normally chosen because of her reviews. It is always good to have someone to trust when picking out books and I trust Cheryl's reviews. She will read a variety of books and post them on her site.
I also love Friday's when she posts about A Day of Childhood. Who doesn't love to remember when? One of my favorites was about the book mobile coming to our town. Living in a small town we had some advantages but one disadvantage was that we didn't have a library. Which was horrible for us avid readers! The book mobile was our only salvation and you had to get there early or you missed out on the good stuff. 
Check out her A Day to Shine page to see author interviews.  She has made some good friends and has some great interviews getting to know these amazing people that write the books we love so much!
Now I could go on and on about Cheryl but what fun would that be? Go check her out at A Good Day To Read and start reading all about her and the great pages she has on her website.  Follow her on Facebook too. I love her cheery, optimistic posts each day. She has the best attitude and it rubs off on all of us and makes our days better and brighter.
Oh yeah and did I mention it was because of her I quit being a chicken and started my own blog page?  Well yes that is the case! She is that great of a friend to be supportive and helpful. Thanks Cheryl!


Jennifer said...

Thanks for sharing I stopped over and you are right there are some great reviews on your friends blog. Great blog title as I agree it is a good day to read!

Cheryl said...

Now that I stopped blushing, I can say "THANK YOU!" You are very kind. I really appreciate your words and enthusiasm. As you say, we avid readers have to stick together! I've had so much fun watching your blog blossom.

Have a great day and remember, it's ALWAYS a good day to read!