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Monday, April 25, 2011

Moving & Painting = MIA from Blogging

It has been a crazy few weeks around here. I haven't been on since last Wednesday and it is crazy how you kind of miss it! So as I said before I have been painting and cleaning up a storm around here. I now have the main level of my house cleaned and painted! It was a lot of hard work but I am glad it is done. And it looks great too! I still have the hallway, stairs, and bonus room to do but I am well past the halfway point.
My sister and her three kids have lived with us for the past year and she just moved out this week. Not that I was much help on that front. I was just a virtual assistant. I did enlist my kids to help out though. Because of said back surgery I cannot do that kind of lifting anymore. So my boys had to help with the heavy stuff and my daughter did a lot of cleaning at the new place and helped with the smaller items. She is officially moved as of last night (I think). I haven't been to the basement where she stored her things but I think for the most part she is 99.99% moved. I am sure she is glad to have her own space and not share it with her ornery, moody big sister any more.
So this week is filled with cleaning the bonus room where she lived and putting a fresh coat of paint on it. I am quite excited! It is now going to be my office, sewing, and workout room.  Most of that stuff has been hanging out in my bedroom for the past year and it is getting a little crowded in there. I feel like I have a whole new house!
I have two great books that I am going to be posting this week so check back on Wednesday and Thursday to read about them.  I will of course have my Tuesday Blog Spotlight tomorrow so check out who I post about and then head over to their website.  Hopefully I can get on here for Book Blogger Hop Friday but I must get all of these things done around the house before my getaway with Hubby to the Oregon coast in just 12 days! I am so excited about having 10 days with just the two of us. We have been married for 23 years in June and we have never been able to go for this long alone before! I believe 7 days has been our max so this will be an adventure. I will post more about this upcoming trip next week.
Until then happy blogging and see you all soon!


Raegan said...

We will miss you this weekend but I hope you guys have a fun trip. I am jealous!

Melissa said...

I wish I could do both but sadly I cannot. Hope you all have a great time and that the weather is good! Tell everyone hi and we will see them at the reunion in July!