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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Day of Gratitude

I am starting my day today being thankful for many things. A year ago I had injured my back so bad that I could not even stand up straight. I couldn't dress myself and my kids had to help me put shoes and socks on. I have never been so low and depressed in all of my life. I went to several different doctors to find relief and to no avail. I finally found a doctor that could help after three months of this misery. I underwent back surgery in May 2010. I had felt that a miracle had happened. This past week I have painted half my house and deep cleaned it. It feels so good to be able to do such things after a long recovery. So I am thankful for great doctors and the technology they have available to them. I am thankful for a fabulous family that helped me through. I am thankful for my totally amazing husband who deserved sainthood after what he had to go through with me! I am thankful everyday for the little things we take for granted or complain about: grocery shopping, doing dishes, driving my car for errands, taking a walk around the neighborhood, cleaning the house. All the things I could not physically do a year ago I can today and I am grateful and will never forget or take them for granted again!

On a lighter note I am also thankful for:
~ hairspray - I love taking a Sunday nap and not having to re-do my hair:)
~ Dr Pepper - I don't drink coffee so this is my get-up-and-go each day. Some people call it an addiction; I call it relief
~ online shopping - see previous post
~ Tylenol PM - really should I even explain this wondrous over-the-counter miracle?
~ books - I know this should be obvious. I can't even explain my feelings about books to make another person understand this love or if you ask my family it is an obsession. (they don't use that word is a positive light either)
~ my dog Ranger - he is the best dog ever and is a part of our family. Those dog lovers out there know what I am taking about. We worry about him as much as we do our kids.
~ my blogger friends - I love to get comments and emails. I love that they spend time on their blogs for my entertainment. When I need a break during my day I just pull up other blogs and feel better after reading, laughing, and sometimes crying too.
~ Netflix - who doesn't love a movie at your fingertips whenever you want? Especially when the 300+ cable channels has NOTHING on!
~ spandex - No not like spandex shorts & workout gear. I mean like jeans that have a little spandex so you get just enough stretch so you can wear those cute jeans on your fat days instead of polyester and don't completely feel like a fat, bloated cow! 
~ my smartphone - I love I can email, facebook, and blog just from my phone! Somedays I feel lost if I misplaced it somewhere and other days I lose it on purpose to get some peace & quiet! Yes it is a love-hate relationship.
~ a soft, cozy blanket - Love to curl up in bed or on the couch with a blankee and relax
~ the rain - yes besides the fact we need it survive on this planet. I love to watch & smell the rain. Preferably inside with my previously mentioned soft, cozy blanket and a nice cup of cocoa or my life sustaining DP!
~ my in-laws - Yes I just said my in-laws! I have already mentioned my family but don't want to forget the in-laws. They are some of the funniest people I know. If you have ever tried to follow an email thread from the family you would understand.

Well I could go on forever but I have to get back to painting the other half of my house this week! Share with me what you are grateful for. Share here or on your own blogs. Or better yet share with those you love around you and don't forget to thank them for always being there in your life to make it better.

Have a fabulous day!

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Jennifer said...

Great post. I am glad you have recovered. I too am thankful for tylenol pm without it I am not sure I would sleep at all.