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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Blog Spotlight Tuesday - Serendipity's Library

I have decided to start using Tuesday's to spotlight some of my other favorite blogs! I am not going to post them in any particular order of my favorites because they are all my favorites!

Today I have chosen to spotlight Serendipity's Library!  This is a great blog written by a very funny lady. Jennifer fills her blog with a variety of different things from books, movies, writing (she is a great writer), the paranormal, and everything else. I love to read her blog each day because of the variety that she offers. She will write about work, the people she knows and her family. It is fun to hear of little adventures and stories she puts in about them all. You will definitely have to read about the 'black tongue' and use it in your own family. 

Don't miss out on reading about Charlotte and Edgar. She posted about them in March of this year. Look up those posts on the links on their names. I showed them to my daughter and she loved it! Probably because it wasn't something I did to her so she was able to think it was funny. Jennifer is a girl after my own heart. I love her sense of humor.

Did I mention she is also a fabulous writer?  Well she is and you need to check out some of her short stories she has written.  I especially loved the one entitled The Traveling Phlebotomists. Very good and of course I love that she wrote it for her friend at work who is scared of getting her blood drawn. I loved her post from today about her daughter - The Traffic Light.

Go over and check Jennifer out right now!!! Serendipity's Library is a must read each day. I am positive you will love her as much as I do! Your welcome:)


Jennifer said...

Wow you are so sweet and this is a great idea. And not because you chose me! I actually was M.I.A yesterday from the blog world and I hopped over here to tell you that I am giving you a blog award. So stop over and check it out. Thank you so much again!

Jennifer said...

By the way I just want to make sure you know that I gave you the blog award before I saw this post! I really and truly enjoy your blog your reviews are great and I have read some pretty good books that I wouldn't have if I didn't see it on your blog first. That is why I wanted to share it with my followers NOT because you were so kind in the above post!

Melissa said...

You are so kind Jennifer! Thanks for stopping by here and checking it out. I will follow up on the blog award this coming weekend and send it on to other great blogs. Thanks so much for the award!