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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Blog Spotlight Tuesday - E & K Family Book Review

Here is another one of my favorite blogs! E & K Family Book Review is written by a mother/daughter team! I love that they share this passion of reading with each other. I only wish my kids would love reading as much as I do. My husband does and is reading more and more but his genre isn't the same as mine. Oh well it is a start!

Click the link to find out more about E & K in their about us section. E is so young at 8 years old but I love the books she chooses and blogs about. She is much more mature than her 8 years. I believe that this comes from reading. Kids are much smarter when they read. K is so patient and loving to spend the time to read with her daughter,  help her blog about books, blog about her own reads, and instill this passion in her family.

I love to read the reviews and have picked up many books because of their recommendations. I have passed by books in the store before but went back and bought them because of their reviews. I have not been disappointed either. There are many different genres of books to choose from at E & K too. Follow the link here to check out all of their reviews!
Don't forget to check out her super cute rating system! I need to come up with something fun and creative like this. Sadly I am not so creative so you all will just have to stick to my star rating until I find something better!

So go and start following E & K!  They just crossed over the 200 followers mark! Congrats! So you know people love to read their blog. Head on over and check them out! You will not be disappointed.

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KW said...

Oh my goodness! Thanks so much for the FANTASTIC review of our site, I truly feel honored! I will have to have E read this tomorrow! You are AMAZING, so glad to be able to pop back to your site every week or so to see whats going on!