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Monday, April 18, 2011

Review of Recovery by Alexandrea Weis

Recovery by Alexandrea Weis

            A killer is lurking among the ruins of Katrina-ravaged New Orleans. A killer she knows.
            Still devastated two years after the mysterious murder of her beloved David Alexander, Nicci Beauvoir surprises everyone in the Big Easy by returning to her hometown with a new admirer: the cool and contentious Dallas August. But the attractive stranger is asking a lot of questions about David’s death, making Nicci’s family and friends speculate about his true intentions. Only Nicci knows that Dallas, a high-priced corporate spy, has come to New Orleans to flush out David Alexander’s killer. Playing the part of her lover, Dallas escorts Nicci around town hoping to get closer to his possible suspects. But hiding amid the city’s elite is a jealous maniac waiting to make Nicci suffer. As the days pass and the danger grows, Nicci’s relationship with the handsome spy turns from adversarial to amorous. Despeerate to unearth the identity of David’s murderer, Nicci and Dallas decide to lure the killer out of the city for one final showdown. It is a deadly decision that could cost Nicci everything. But is maybe her only chance for...Recovery.

            I already told you a little about this book on Friday’s Book Blogger Hop. This is actually part of a three part series by Alexandrea Weis.  Recovery is the second in the series. To My Senses was the first in the series published in 2007. I haven’t read that book but would like to now that I have gotten involved with Nicci, David, and Dallas.  The third book Sacrifice does not have a date for release yet but I will definitely pick it up when it does get here. 
            I love the way Ms. Weis writes. She has you captivated from page one. No need to wait until you get into the book 20 pages to get the action started. I couldn’t wait to turn each page and find out what would happen next. I love the tension that is between Nicci and Dallas. Nicci still misses David and she has a hard time getting past that but what a better distraction than a totally hot, reclusive, spy?!?  It is not cheesy even though I just made it sound like that. It is great to have their relationship develop during the mystery solving of David’s death.  Very HOT! - But not Harlequinish.
            Even though it is written during the post-Katrina era Ms. Weis puts together a story that involved the empathy of those afflicted but lightens it up with the eccentric, debutante, upper class of New Orleans. It was a delight to get involved with the families of those that still care about class – the who’s who of their community.
            The pacing of this book is excellent and I loved the characterization she created with each and every one in this story.  I will give this book 4 stars!  It is a great love story mystery and would recommend to all who enjoys that genre of book.

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