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Monday, March 21, 2011

Review of The Thirteenth Gift by Charlene Costanzo

The Thirteenth Gift
By Charlene Costanzo
The Thirteenth Gift

Claire is a U.S journalist and travels away from her family a lot. While on assignment in Eastern Europe she stumbles upon a local legend.  While driving in the country side before her flight home her car breaks down and she has no cell service. She starts to walk down the country lane to see if she can find a place to use a phone. She comes upon a fork in the road and must make a choice – the high road or the low road. Yes this is a metaphor that relays a lot about Claire and her life. She ultimately decides to take the low road because it looks easy and is apparently more traveled. As she is just about to turn down this road she notices smoke from a chimney along the road less taken. She turns to the high road and meets an elderly lady that will soon change her life.

The Thirteenth Gift is an inspirational fable that has a profound effect on Claire and which will transform her marriage and her work. We learn of the gifts we all are given in life and what happens to those who choose not to see them or use them. It is a cautionary tale about greed, arrogance and the abuse of power. It is a story that reminds us all that we are all special and gifted and to look for them in others as well as ourselves.

This is a great, short story that will have a profound effect on your life. The story ends with a letter from another person she meets on her journey:
Wonder is a gift that helps us open to all our other gifts
“Wisdom begins in wonder,” said Socrates
According to Albert Einstein, wonder is the source of all true art and science
“Without it we are as good as dead,” he said
“Everything, even darkness and silence, has wonder,” said Helen Keller
“The more I wonder, the more I love,” said Alice Walker
Is wonder the gift that will ultimately save us?

It saved me. Want to hear my story?

I gave this book 4 stars. Worth the read for anyone that enjoys sweet, pure, enlightenment.



Kellie said...

Intriguing. I may have to read this one.

Melissa said...

Kellie - It's fun and light and a very, very fast read. I think it took all of about 2 hrs to read. Just a great reminder how we should view ourselves and others. Not the most intricate writing I have read, but sometimes the message is portrayed so much better if written simply. I have it if you want to borrow it.

Kellie said...

Absolutely. Hook me up.