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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Decisions and a sick day = online shopping therapy!

I am home sick today - uuggh! So in between my naps and the little bits of food I can stand I am reading. So I started a book and got about halfway through and put it down. I can't and won't finish it. I will blog about the book in the next few days sometime. After I get over my frustration so I can write a clear and concise comment of how I feel about this book without completely going over the deep end with my emotions. I get a little hyper-sensitive when I am sick to so I want make sure I am not being rash about it.

I did finish Birth Marked and will have that review ready and posted for tomorrow's blog. So now I am just stuck wondering what to read. I have three choices and I just don't know where my mood is. Yes, I read by the mood I am in so I have to be very selective or else I could disrupt my whole perspective and how good the book really is. Yes, I have also been told I am crazy, emotional - really pretty warped when it comes to how and why I pick a book and like or dislike a book. Should I have said that before you started reading? Well it's too late now! Well anyways so I have decided to read True Colors by Kristen Hannah. I will have that review for you next week sometime.

But in the mean time trying to decide what to read next, while trying to get over my frustration of the book I am not finishing, I went book shopping.  The only other thing besides reading that can bring me out of a bad mood is shopping for more books. I would much rather go to the store to do my shopping because there is just something about walking through all the stacks of books smelling, feeling that just makes my mind lighter and more clear. But since I am home sick I went to the backup plan - internet shopping. What a great creation this has been for me. I love online shopping. How great is it to just pull it up on a screen in front of you, click on your preferences, enter in payment and voila! It shows up at your front door in a matter of days. No driving through traffic, no worry about gas prices, no dealing with annoying people, etc, etc, etc. I am not much of a people person. I prefer to interact with the characters in the books I read than 'real' people.

OK I should really clarify that. I do love people - just not the stupid, annoying ones! You all know who I am talking about so don't be judgemental. So I just figure it is better for us all to admit it and deal with it in the best way possible. For me it is online shopping. I avoid a lot of people and save a lot of time in the process. Most of the people I love are short - preferably 4 foot tall or smaller! Not really I don't have a height requirement, but I do get along with kids better than I do adults. I love how pure, sweet and open little kids are. They aren't jaded by society and life yet. They still believe in fairy tales and that anything is possible in this world. I love to see the excitement and light in their eyes when they have just discovered something new or exciting. I long for that feeling again. I think that is why I love to read so much. I can run away to another world whenever mine gets too much to handle. Probably why I read according to my mood. I usually turn to books that are different than the mood I am in. Part of that escapism I guess.

Well let's end it on that note since I am getting completely off subject and am starting to ramble. Look for the review of Birth Marked tomorrow!


PS - Seven more books are on their way to me! Love B&N! Once received I will update them to the 'Reviews coming soon' tab.


Kellie said...

Retail therapy is the best kind! I hope you feel better soon (and, suddenly, wishing I was shorter...or at least younger...hehe)

Melissa said...

Kellie - I love you even though you are outside my standard age limit:) You are so cute and funny - just my type!