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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Zions 2011 Girls Trip!!!

So me and my sisters planned a very, very impromptu girls trip over this last weekend.  Of course my girl Ashley came with to chaperone us:) We planned a quick overnight trip down to Zions National Park on the spur of the moment. It was so worth it and we had a blast!  One sister lives in Nevada and the other two of us live in Lehi/American Fork UT.  One sister only had a 2 hour drive while the others had a 4.5 hr trip! Wish we could have all traveled together.  My older sister Christine is 40, I am 38 (39 in 2wks), and little sister Kim is just a baby at just 35! We all have families and only seem to get together when the families do so we headed out alone into the desert for some much needed girls time!  If you haven't been to Zions National Park you really need to plan a trip because it is breathtaking!  We really need to plan a trip longer than one night next time. We got down there on Friday night and came home after dinner on Saturday night! 

So we found a cutie to hang out with on one of the stops on the way there:
Kim and Ashley always find the keepers:)

They also know how to find the rest areas too:
Good thing we found this map and found out where we are! Well Ashley looks a little confused still - but she looks like that quite a bit so we weren't worried and went on our way!

So we started our day with full intentions that after we hit a store to get some matching shirts to go with our ever so cute matching hats we would head up to a short hike before lunch.  So here is some quick shots of us waiting in line to get into the park: 

Not bad for taking them through the sunroof as we waited in line. So for Kim and Ashley in the back seat they decided to help with the window decorations that we had done that morning before heading out! The other cars in line loved watching them getting in and out to add to their entertainment:

This was great to drive 4.5 hrs home on the freeway in Utah. We had a lot of looks and laughs! We loved it though. So back to the story of our morning. We apparently can't read a map all that well! So we missed the turn off to where we wanted to hike to and ended up driving several miles in the other direction. Beautiful scenery and we went through two tunnels - one was a mile long! Who doesn't love a good tunnel?!? So we finally stopped and took some fun pictures - well Kim and I look like we are having fun:

So I am in the middle with Kim on the left and Christine on the right. I think she had that look a lot on this trip! Don't let her fool you because she had a fabulous time!  Don't you just love the shirts and hats! So we headed back through the tunnels wanting to find our original hike. Well if you have ever driven in canyonlands then you know it is very twisty and windy. Which usually ends up with someone a little green. Well Kim was the lucky winner this time:

So why not take some pictures while we wait for it to pass:

Once she was feeling better we headed back on the right path. But while on this path we noticed we were the only car on it. There were shuttle buses but really no cars. We thought hmmm this is nice! Then we passed a sign that told us if we didn't have a red permit then turn around! Well we thought we have come this far so we kept going to the parking lot. Sure enough there was lots and lots of cars with red permit stickers in their windows! We decided that we shouldn't leave our car there while we hiked for two hours. We may not have a car to come back too. So since it was already 12:30pm we decided it was time for lunch!  Went back into the town of Springdale, UT and found a fabulous little diner called Blondie's! It was amazing and so yummy. Back to the canyon for us and another hike:
Ashley is going to point the way for us! 

So we headed out on the Watchman trail for two hours of fun together!

Me and my baby girl!

The girls on the trail!

There is that look again by Christine! Should Kim and I be concerned?
Also, I am not as short as this picture portrays! None of us are tall by any stretch but really this just makes it worse!

We had several stops along the way because when the map says that this hike is not recommended for early afternoon then you should listen. Man was it hot! We had plenty of water with us and stopped when we could find shade:

Ashley running ahead on the trail that seemed to never end!

I think their looks say it all - it was HOT!

Ashley and Kim finding a great seat to rest.

Kim, Me, and Christine 

Kim, Christine, & Ashley

Cutie pie Ash!

Isn't she just beautiful! Even after sweating and hiking:)

Yeah we climb rocks!

The last stop before we head back to the bottom.

Kim and Ashley

Good thing going down is a lot faster!

Our little friend taking it easy in the shade

Finally the river!

The river was so cold and felt so good after a long day in the sun! We hung out here for a while cooling off before heading into town for a little shopping and some dinner.

Christine, Kim, and Me! 

Ashley and Kim posing on the car before heading home!
Aren't they hotties?!?

Well Kim thinks she is Hottie #1

Ashley is Hottie #2

And they so kindly called Christine Thing #2 and I was Thing #1. Yeah we are all mature.  Not sure where my picture went from the camera but I am sure one of the sisters has it for posterity's sake.

Great weekend with the girls! If you have the chance to run away for a weekend make sure you take along your matching hats, shirts, window markers, food, and your best girls!


Raegan said...

Looks like a lot of fun! Glad you guys had a good time. Don was there just a few days before & hiked Angel's Landing. I think I like your hike better!

Jennifer said...

Well you all look like a fun group to be with! It reminds me of trips I have taken with my sisters. Thanks for sharing and the photos are great!

stacey said...

Oh that looks super fun!
It's been ages since I've been there.
Fun, fun, fun!