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Quote of the Week - "Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind" Dr Seuss

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Thoughtful Saturday

I usually don't blog on Saturday's since I am trying to get reviews written for the regular part of the week. But I just finished a book (I won't tell you what it is yet since I am going to review it in the next week or so) and it had me really thinking about my life. I have often been told that I should write a book about my life. I don't think my life is that interesting and I don't write. I have had some momentous events in my life but so hasn't everyone? I don't think mine are that special. I also say that when you write a book about your life you can't just leave certain people out or else it wouldn't be factual. I think about situations in my life that have defined me and who was there and apart of that and many times the other person wasn't very nice. Probably why it defined me. But I couldn't put that in a book and hurt people's feelings. I always say that is a big reason why I wouldn't write a book about my life. But really I think about a lot of times in my life I didn't like myself and I don't want to out myself to the whole world like that! Does that sound pretty selfish and self-absorbed? I have been pretty honest with my kids about my life but seeing something in print is completely different! My kids still like me and they are also old enough to read and hold it against me!

Well back to my thoughts from the book. It is about friends and their life long impact. Friends that would do anything for you - ANYTHING! I thought about that all during my workout and my shower. I wondered about my friends. Would my friends do anything for me? I would have to say no they wouldn't. How sad is that? I have friends from high school that I thought we would be friends forever but then reality hits and we grow up and apart. We grow judgmental too. Why do we do that? I have always tried not to be that way but found myself just pulling away from them when I couldn't confide in them without that look they would give before acting sympathetic and then finding out what they said after I left. To me that is not friendship.

Now I was the girl that was married and had two kids by the time we graduated from high school so to say we didn't relate to each other pretty early on is an understatement. I have a daughter that is 17 and I don't love that she has friends that have kids already so I get that. Unfortunately now at her high school girls are just getting pregnant because they think it will be so much fun! I know crazy, huh!  That was not my case. Completely unplanned on our part!  Anyway's I digress from my story. So I guess I wonder what it feels like to have friends that would do anything for you? Family doesn't count because I already have that from my family - my husband and kids would literally die for me and I know that. I mean just your regular friends. Those that have time for you no matter what is happening in your life. Those that when they give you complete, direct, painful advice you know it's because they love you not because they are judging you? 

Well those are my thoughts for today. I can't wait for this book review because I couldn't put down this book and read it straight through. It left me wanting more from these characters. It made me want what they found in this story. I guess I live vicariously through books sometimes - OK now I am in denial - I live vicariously through books ALL the time!

All of that being said - Thanks to all my blogger friends for being my friends! I love getting on and reading and sharing a piece of your lives no matter where you are in the country! You make my life better:)

I have 5 book reviews waiting in the wings that I am writing today. I will have them on the blog over the next 2 weeks so come back and check it out. I have promised posts about my trip last month and I will be doing that starting Monday too!



Jennifer said...

ummmm spill with the book title I get all my best book reviews from you and I need something to read!

Melissa said...

Jennifer - this is actually a book you have read and I only put it on my list of 'to reads' because of you:)

I am putting it on my blog tomorrow - Tuesday. I am dying to hear what your problem was with the story??