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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Where Have I Been????

It has been such a crazy week! Well actually a crazy month. I was laid off from my job at the first of April so I have taken the opportunity while I job search to get things done around my house. I have previously mentioned that my sister and her three kids just moved out of my house after staying here for a year. My son, his wife, and their two dogs just moved out at the first of April after staying for 6 months. So yes, my 4 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath home with the UNfinished basement has been home to 10 people and three dogs! It was quite a fit let me tell you. So now that everyone is in their own places and I have some time on my hands I have been very busy getting my house back. This includes moving things (& people) back to their own rooms and it has been quite the chore.

First of all though I spent two fabulous days with my dear 17 year-old daughter Ashley at the BYU Women's Conference in Provo, UT! Good thing it is just on the other side of the lake from us so the commute was easy. We left quite early on Thursday morning and got home around 11pm that night. We were back at it again on Friday morning and me it home around 5:30 pm. What a great way to spend two days. We were uplifted by the seminars we went to. We laughed ALOT and even cried. The only way it could have been any better is if my other daughter Kayli could have made it too. She is really my daughter-in-law but I call her my daughter because to me she is just that - my daughter. I love her dearly and apologize a lot because I know I raised my son better than the way he acts sometimes :) Here is a quick photo of us in the car getting ready to start Friday - she looks great, I look beat.
So back to this past month. I decide to re-paint a few areas and do the touch-up painting in the rest of the house along with the deep, spring cleaning. When we moved into our house 2 1/2 years ago the colors were not what we would have picked. So we repainted the WHOLE entire house including the trim - by ourselves. We also got new carpet in the whole house so we had a lot to do before the carpet showed up. Once we did the upper level of the house we pretty much got everything painted on the main level of the house that was going to have carpet in it. There were two walls on my main level I just left the burgundy/reddish color. Not because I liked it but because I was beat! So I finally decided to re-do it. I wish I had a before picture but I wasn't thinking so here is how it turned out:
 I still need to do window treatments but I'm working on it. Can't really find what I like so I am just going to make them myself.
 I also did the window seat in my dining room:

 Not long after we moved in we had a bathroom malfunction upstairs that proceeded to leak into the kitchen above the cabinets. This happened three times before it was finally fixed. We had a hole in our kitchen ceiling for quite a while. Once fixed we never got it re-painted and re-done. So here it is now:

This is the other side of the cabinets:

Don’t worry I am not finished shoppingJ

However, we did have some issues with the kitchen.  I needed to have some plywood put on top of the cabinets because they are recessed a few inches and when I would put decorations up there they weren’t very visible. So my great hubby did it for me and this is the result:

FYI don’t stand on Corian counter-tops – especially if you are 6’4” and somewhere around 240ish!  So good news is I really hated these counters and one of these days I will get new ones! – Thanks honey!
So the room my sister was staying in was our bonus room. This is now my office and sewing room – yay me! Here are the before and after photos:

I can't believe I have my very own room! I have never had my own room!
I will post some more when I actually have it set up and decorated. Which probably won’t be very soon. I leave Saturday for my Oregon Coastline trip with above said fabulous Hubby! I will post pictures and details of our trip over the course of our week away.

I will have a great book review tomorrow for you. I am going to get back to my Blog Spotlight Tuesdays after I return from my trip.

Thanks for sticking with me even when I am absentJ

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