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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Review of Echoes of Savanna by Lucinda Moebius

Echoes of Savanna
By Lucinda Moebius

Every generation has their defining moments, events that change history and turn the course of lives. Forever will the children of that generation be defined by those moments.

Savanna Taylor is a medical doctor in 2036, the same year terrorists release a series of plagues and viruses into the world. She is a nineteen year old Brian Trust whose task it is to find a cure for the diseases and develop vaccines to prevent their further spread. The world is thrown in turmoil and Savanna needs to find a way to survive with her sanity and family intact. She needs to find a safe Haven for herself and for those she loves.

Can Savanna cope in a world in constant flux brought on by war and disease? Can she save the world and protect her loved ones or will she make the ultimate sacrifice? How will she be defined?

I had to get past the fact that I had a galley copy so I had to ignore the bad spelling and grammar. That is a pet peeve of mine when I read so at first it was distracting. I had to read sentences several times in some areas to get the meaning. But once I got through that I really enjoyed the story. It was intriguing and interesting and I found myself picturing this really happening in our world in the near future. 

This is the first of five in the Haven Novels. I liked how the author was able to jump forward months and even years in the story smoothly. I didn’t feel like she skipped over anything but made the story move along at a reasonable pace. After all, the events happening in this book cannot all take place in just a few months or even just a few years. This made it more believable and real with the characters and the turmoil they go through. I loved Savanna and those that surround her.

However, there were times that I think should have some more thought put into the scene. There is a fire in one scene where a character is severely burned on the majority of her body, including the face, but seemed to keep her waist length hair?  For the problems that are happening in the end of the book I was disappointed that Travis and Caleb were not anywhere to be found. I would think that during these rough years and where they are located more would have been mentioned about them especially since Savanna is a loving and caring wife and mom.

But still all in all if you are interested in this type of genre of what our world may turn into with disease, viruses, citizen rebellion, etc. then you will love this book. I would give this book 3 stars. I would have given 4 stars if the above mentioned discrepancies would have been resolved. I am definitely going to be reading the next in this series. Ms Moebius is a new author with her first book and she is one you will want to watch and pay attention to as she brings us more of her books.

Thank you Media Guests for giving me the opportunity to read and review this great new author!

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