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Friday, July 29, 2011

Review of To My Senses by Alexandrea Weis

To My Senses
By Alexandrea Weis
To My Senses

Amid the prying eyes of spicy New Orleans society, one woman just choose between embracing her passion or heeding practicality in this finely-tuned Southern love story. Haunting and heartfelt, this debut novel is steeped in wit, charm and sizzling moments of desire.  It shares one woman’s journey through love, betrayal and the ultimate tragedy that eventually leads her to discover her true purpose in life.

This is the first book in the Nicci Beauvoir series. I received the second one Recovery a couple of months ago from the author and loved it so much I asked for the first one. The take of Nicci and David starts here. You don’t have to read To My Senses to understand Recovery but I would suggest it very highly. It does make everything add up better and you get all of the back story to all of the characters in Recovery.

This is a great dramatic love story based in New Orleans high society. It is fun to see how Nicci fits into her eccentric family and society groups. I say fun because she is not a traditional society girl and loves to do things to show she is independent of their ways. Nicci’s character starts to develop in this book as she finds out who she really is and where she wants to go in her life.

I gave Recovery 4 stars but I will give this one 3 stars. Not because it is not worth the read but to emphasis that this series gets better with each book. Sacrifice, the 3rd in the series, will be out sometime next year. I will definitely be getting that book and letting you know how everything with Nicci ends up.

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Jennifer said...

Sounds good. I have been looking for a good new series to start! Thanks for the review.